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south carolina

Kinder Morgan

Rehabilitate Dock 1

Charleston, SC

Contract Value: $981,000
Duration: 1 Year with 2 year extension option
Project Manager(s): Scott White

Precon Marine was contracted by Kinder Morgan late in 2017 to rehabilitate Dock 1 in Charleston, SC. Dock 1 is a concrete dock founded on steel pipe piles used as a ship berthing and dry bulk offloading facility. The work consists of removing the existing concrete bag jackets on the pipe piles and installing new jackets, either structural or nonstructural, depending on pile section loss, repairing concrete beam and deck spalls and cracks, and miscellaneous repairs to the docks mooring component.


Mortenson Construction

Kings Bay Sub Base, EHW 1:Repair 1

The project involves concrete rehabilitation of piles and the wharf deck, and repairs to steel waterfront structures and piles. Cathodic protection grout filled jackets will be installed on 687 concrete piles to repair corrosion spalls and provide future protection from corrosion. 192 steel fender pile will be repaired with epoxy and wrapped with a petroleum tape and fiberglass wrap for corrosion resistance and strengthening of the pile. Ancillary wharf structures and mooring hardware such as ladders, bits, capstans, and fender system will be replaced or repaired as required.

US Navy - Batson-Cook Company

Structural Repairs at TC Dock

Charleston, SC

Contract Value: $4,797,500
Duration: 2 Years
Project Manager(s): Carlton Diggs

This project consists of repairs to the Transportation and Command Dock to restore this facility to its original design capacity.  Repair work includes removal of the concrete deck at selected locations to facilitate pile driving; driving piles; tying piles to the dock structure; expansion joint repairs; concrete spall repairs; and replacement of damaged secondary fender piles and their associated brackets.

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