“Man, Over Board”, a phrase you do not usually want to hear on a marine construction project. But today was different. As part of a Safety Event held by Ocean Contracting, Precon Marine employees participated in and drilled multiple scenarios of Man Over Board Rescue training.

Scenario 1 was an injured worker, who had fallen from the barge due to loss of balance. The employee was not harmed and was able to self-rescue with help from Kareem Tate, who assisted by throwing a life ring to Ben Church, an employee volunteer who is part of one of the dive teams currently working on the project. After they had performed the drill successfully, other employees were allowed to try their hand at tossing the ring to assist the victim to the ladder.

Scenario 2 was a person falling from the pier deck, who had struck the side of the pier with his left arm and was conscience but injured. In this scenario the worker had floated out past the point where a life ring could be thrown to him and had to be rescued by boat. The safety skiff manned by Torrance Murphy and Hamilton “TC” Haynes performed exceedingly well. They talked to the victim to make sure he was conscious and then asked him if he was hurt. They were told his arm was injured so they threw the life ring from the boat and pulled him in for assistance, coming alongside our “victim” and positioning themselves on either side of him turning his back to the boat, the victim was lifted into the boat and placed on the foredeck. The skiff continued to shore as the Fire Department was summoned and responded y the time the skiff had gotten to shore.

“So how long should this take?” asked a supervisor from Ocean, “If the person is rescued and taken in shore in less than 10 minutes, it is acceptable, less than 7 minutes is great.” Responded M. Scott Rupe the company’s Dr of Env Health and Safety, “Or guys did the whole evolution in 5minute 43 second, an outstanding drill by all involved.

After all the water fun Ocean sponsored a catered lunch to celebrate the work that has been achieved “safely” by all members of the project’s workers, management and Ocean’s oversight.


As a big thank you to all the hard-working employees, both companies took time out from production to celebrate these accomplishments of Quality Work and Safety on this project, Ocean and Precon Marine’s upper management and safety team served the workers, hopefully as well as they have served us so far on this project. John Gray had some words of encouragement and gratitude for the hard work and long hours the crew is putting in to make this project successful. He also had a few laughs speaking with some crewmembers. It was a memorable day to say the least

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