We have had a significant decrease in our safety related Benchmark Numbers, meaning a significant increase in job safety.


has improved to .79 and our OSHA incident Rates have dropped significantly. This is testament to our new Safety Culture and overall safety on all projects and around the shop. Everyone has put forth an extraordinary effort to improve our Safety Numbers, and hopefully we will stay here and only look to decrease these even more, which means lower insurance rates and safer work place for our employees.

"We now look at Safety as a resource vice an obsticle", pre task planning has helped tremendously, and should continue to reap benefits for the company as a whole and all employees who work for Precon Marine, Inc. and our affiliates.

It is no surprise that these numbers are getting better. Mandatory PPE use, and expanded Safety Incentives are paying off for both our employees and our bottom line. "Our guys are getting it" when we issue the PPE and explain why they need to use it in a logical manner they respond so much better, and with more "buy in". We have to show our crewmwmbers we care for thier health and welfare and with that comes a complete understanding as to why we want them to protect themselves.

Near Misses are up, incidents are down. Money spent on PPE, training and incentive programs, is a real investment in the future of our workforce.

"Everyone goes home SAFE TODAY" is a good motto, and should be at the forefront of our planning "hand in hand" with production.

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