San Diego AIMS Project
San Diego, CA
Contract Value: $5,022,000
Duration: 4 Months
Project Manager(s): Matt Miller

This project involves constructing, transporting, and installing a precast concrete caisson over the existing FRP piles and positioning the caisson structure on the seafloor.  The caisson shall be constructed using low magnetic permeability concrete and fiberglass reinforcing. A stone leveling base, consisting of clean washed cobbles, shall be installed prior the concrete caisson being lowered into the water. Eight concrete pipe sleeves shall be lowered over the existing piles and grouted in place using non-shrink cementitious grout. The caisson shall be filled with cobble stones followed by placement of a precast concrete cap on top concrete caisson. The concrete cap shall be secured in position by dowels and grout. Scour mats shall be installed places around the perimeter of the structure to prevent undermining. Fiberglass cable raceways shall be installed on the 3 scour mats, caisson, and pipe sleeve followed by installation of the government furnished junction box, sensors, and sensor cables. Upon completion of the caisson, pipe sleeve, scour mat, and sensor installation the Navy will conduct tests and validate the sensor array.

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