R6 Hardening, Conduit, & Sensor Install
Norfolk, VA
Contract Value: $3,254,000
Duration: 6 Months
Project Manager(s): Matt Miller

The underwater electro-magnetic measurement range (also referred to as the Degaussing Range) is located in the Hampton Roads Entrance Reach channel, approximately .8 miles southwest of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel.  The mission of this facility is to measure the electric fields and magnetic signatures of naval surface ships and submarines, analyze the acquired data, and determine a vessels susceptibility to seaborne influence mines and magnetic detection devices.   Due to the sensor array damage in July, 2010, all existing sensors and associated cables were removed from the river bottom.  Only the bottom-embedded FRP tubes and their protective concrete cylinders remain in place.  The instrument array, when complete, will consist of twenty-six (26) single-depth magnetometers, spaced twenty (20) feet apart; seven (7) electro-magnetic triaxial (EMT) sensors, spaced sixty (60) feet apart; and one (1) conductivity, depth and temperature sensor (CDT).

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