MSF San Diego UEMMS Upgrade PH-2
Point Loma, CA
Duration: 6 Months
Project Manager(s): Matt Miller

Work includes the upgrade to the existing Type V Underwater Magnetic Measurement System (UMMS) located in San Diego, California to a new Type VI Underwater Electro-Magnetic Measurement System (UMMS) in support of Commander, Pacific Fleet requirements. 

The upgrade will require removal all of the existing Type V sensors and obtainable portions of their cables at the array. The new installation will require the routing cables between the junction box platform and the sensor array inside an excavated trench and backfilling all trenches and other excavations with non-magnetic gravel. The modification of all of the existing FRP sensor tubes, which will involve excavation, pushing farther into the sea floor, cutting and/or installation of a new tube as required, to achieve required elevations and length of tube below the channel bottom. The work also includes testing of cables and adjusting the EM sensors to magnetic north by rotating the sensor assemblies on the tubes while coordinating with government personnel. 

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