Delaware Bay
Contract Value: $853,450
Duration: 6 Months
Project Manager(s): Brian Magee

Precon Marine has been contracted to fabricate and place the Large Organism Exclusion Devices (LOED) at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in California.

This project will require exacting measurements both sub-aquous and topside, to successfully complete. Measurements will be taken of the existing seafloor conditions, these will be examined and placement of the foundations for the structure shall begin, while the structure itself is being fabricated at an off shore facility. After these items are complete, the placement of the massive structure onto the embeded anchors of the foundations will be undertaken.

This is like hitting a Fastball, Curve and Nuckleball all 3 in one swing.

The LOED structure will be lowered onto the foundations and anchors which were cast into the foundations and must exactly match within machine shop tolerances. To make all these pieces match, we will need planning and execution on this project as never before, but we know we are up to the challenge.

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