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North Carolina

Brican Inc.

Rebuild City Channel Range Lights

Moorehead City, NC
Contract Value: $662,774

Duration: 4 Months
Project Manager(s): Zulfikhar Ahmed 

Installation 2 range lights and demolition of one range light tower. Each new tower consists Installation of 1 each 18” diameter plumb pile and 3 each 12” diameter batter piles. The piles are installed using a permanent steel template. The piles are approximate 60’ long and the water depts range from 15 to 20 feet at the project site. Our scope consists of blasting and coating the towers with 3-layer epoxy paint system and installation of platform and towers over the piles. Precon will be performing this work using a 135’55’ barge and 200 crane ton LS248 crane.

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