Salters Creek Bridge Replacement
Hampton, VA
Contract Value: $4,051,953
Duration: 18 Months
Project Manager(s): Bryan Ellis

Project consist of the replacement of the Bridge Street Bridge, over Salters Creek in Hampton Virginia with a new bridge structure and the rehabilitation of some HRSD assets.

In order to construct the new bridge structure and rehab HRSD’s assets, the main segments of work generally consist of:

(1) demo of the existing bridge.
(2) installation of temporary utility supports.
(3) installing a manhole and various temporary piping. 
(4) installation of a temporary bypass system to divert the flows of a Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) force main. 
(5) the rehabilitation of siphon vent chambers and various other components of the HRSD assets.
(6) while concurrently driving piling for the new bridge.
(7) installation of remaining components of new approximately 215’ long bridge structure including precast bridge panels.
(8) reconstructing 150’ of approach roadway including pavement, concrete curbing , and sidewalk.
(9) installation of new storm structures and waterline.
(10) placing riprap slope protection

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