Twigg Bridge Rehab.
Matthews, VA
Contract Value: $10,989,052
Duration: 22 Months
Project Manager(s): Carlton Diggs

The two-lane bridge will have its deck, fenders and superstructure replaced and portions of the bridge substructure will be repaired.  The 2,092-foot-long bridge was completed in 1953 and carries an average of 7,245 vehicles a day, according to a VDOT traffic count. It has a 43-foot vertical clearance from the navigational channel and an 80-foot horizontal clearance.

The demolition of the South Bound Lane is completed. The last section of the bridge girders were removed with the assistance of a land based crane, and traffic was temporarily halted to swing and load the girders for removal. Once the new bridge girder placement and decks are placed and cured, the traffic will be detoured onto the South Bound traffic lane while work continues on the North Bound lane.

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