Poplar Island Expansion, Lateral Contract 1
Talbot County, MD
Contract Value: $28,000,000
Duration: 16 Months
Project Manager(s): Scott White

The project is set to begin construction on the lateral expansion of Poplar Island. Poplar Island is located in the Chesapeake Bay between Jefferson and Coaches Islands, and is approximately 20 minutes (by boat) northwest of Tilghman Island.  All expansion construction work will take place in open water off the north end of existing Poplar Island.  Poplar Island is a wildlife sanctuary and dredge disposal site that is maintained and used by various government agencies.

Lateral Contract 1 work consists of foundation preparations for future dike alignments, dike #7 construction, and dredging. Approximately, 300,000 cubic yards of sand and 160,000 tons of rock will be used to construct the 6,250-foot-long dike #7. The typical dike #7 section consist of five different layers of geotextile fabric, seven different types of stone, and sand. The dike has an approximate base width of 140 feet and a height of just over 19 feet. Multiple barge mounted cranes and excavators, and land based excavators and dozers will be used to construct the dike. Custom long reach excavator booms and attachments were outfitted to handle rock as large as 6000 tons at a 60-foot reach. The latest GPS aided grade positioning systems were installed on all earth moving equipment to eliminate the need to stakeout and provide grade from survey crews. All rock for the project is being quarried by Vulcan Materials at their Havre De Grace facility.

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