Completed Projects


Richmond Steel Repairs

Contract Value: $3,715,115

This project consists of designing and performing jacking and blocking of bridge superstructure. It will also involve performing selective demolition and reconstruction of critical bridge members such as girders, stiffener plates and replace of diaphragm beams.

Dominion Virginia Power

Eltham Marsh Foundation Repair

Contract Value: $2,725,954.00

​Transmission Tower Foundation Repairs. The project Consists of 6 towers located within Eltham Marsh along Pamunkey River in West Point, VA. The scope of work included but not limited to Installation of sheet pile cofferdams...


Salters Creek Bridge Replacement

Contract Value: $4,051,953

Project consist of the replacement of the Bridge Street Bridge, over Salters Creek in Hampton Virginia with a new bridge structure and the rehabilitation of some HRSD assets.


Coal Pier #6 Bulkhead Replacement

Contract Value: $4,237,691

Project consist of the relocation of existing storm and water lines in order to accommodate the installation of 135 ft of Retaining Wall.  Upon the completion of the utility relocation, a retaining wall will be installed comprising of a  King Pile/Sheet Pile Combination section modulus with 107 ft long components.

Kinder Morgan

Charleston, SC

Contract Value: $981,000.00

Precon Marine was contracted by Kinder Morgan late in 2017 to rehabilitate Dock 1 in Charleston, SC. Dock 1 is a concrete dock founded on steel pipe piles used as a ship berthing and dry bulk offloading facility. The work consists of removing the existing concrete bag jackets on the pipe piles and installing new jackets, either structural or nonstructural, depending on pile section loss, repairing concrete beam and deck spalls and cracks, and miscellaneous repairs to the docks mooring component.

Contract Value: $885,000.00

The project consist of channel improvements to a severely eroded section of the drainage channel.  The improvements will include the installation of more than 400 LF of gabion basket, rock rip-rap, regrading of bank slopes, channel widening, and minor storm sewer improvements.

Contract Value: $5,902,600.00

The project provides for structural repairs to Pier CAD-A located at Cheatham Annex onboard Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, Virginia. The pier structure consists of timber braced square timber piles, reinforced concrete pile caps and a reinforced concrete deck with railroad beams.

Contract Value: 28,000,000

The project is set to begin construction on the lateral expansion of Poplar Island. Poplar Island is located in the Chesapeake Bay between Jefferson and Coaches Islands, and is approximately 20 minutes (by boat) northwest of Tilghman Island.

City of Suffolk

Bridge Repairs Annual Contract

Contract Value: $1,260,965.00

Annual Requirements for various bridge repair services throughout the City of Suffolk on an on-call/ as-needed basis. 

Structural Steel Repairs

Contract Value: $2,705,552

  • Jacking & Blocking

  • Beam End Repairs

  • Bearing Replacements -Including Anchor Bolts, Sole Plate & Elastomeric

MSF San Diego UEMMS Upgrade PH-2

Work includes the upgrade to the existing Type V Underwater Magnetic Measurement System (UMMS) located in San Diego, California to a new Type VI Underwater Electro-Magnetic Measurement System (UMMS) in support of Commander, Pacific Fleet requirements. 


Barge Dock Repair

Contract Value: $1,200,000

Morehead City, NC
Project Manager(s): Robert Thomas

Work on this project requires the demolition and repair of existing concrete and wharf face, installation of new UHMW - PE and wheel fender, the replacement of existing timber curb with new plastic lumber, and the installation of pile jackets on spalled concrete piles. 

Design-Build Rt. 13

Contract Value: $1,200,000

Perform concrete repairs including the application of shotcrete and epoxy resin injection on both the superstructure and substructure. The majority of the work had to be performed from the water, thus increasing the challenges of construction. 

DDB Repair Refit Wharf 2

Contract Value: $8,188,374

This project will repair the Trident Refit Facility Wharf 2 at USNSB Kings Bay, Georgia. The work includes basic concrete restoration of spalled and cracked concrete piles, pile caps, edge beams, mooring foundation and hardware; repair of catwalk, fender wraps, and bonding systems.

James River Foundation Repairs Project, Phase 3 & 4

ontract Value: $12,285,000

his project is located on the James River just west of Newport News, Virginia. The towers are parallel to and adjacent to the James River Bridge (US Route 17 and Route 258).


Shotcrete Repairs on Bridge #11 over Oregon Inlet

Contract Value: $331,250

Dare County, North Carolina

Project Manager(s): Robert Thomas

Remove deteriorated and disintegrated concrete from substructure bent caps, columns, and struts in reasonably close conformity with the lines, depth and details shown on the plans. Work also includes cleaning reinforcing steel, removing all loose materials, removing and disposing of debris, and applying shotcrete.

Marginal Wharf Phase 1 – Repairs Portsmouth Marine Terminal

Contract Value: $1,517,486

The project requires a variety of repairs to the wharf including but not limited to various concrete spall, FRP pile jackets, concrete curb and cracks, bollards and concrete slab installation.

Craney Island Northern Shoreline Revetment, Phase 3

Contract Value: $11,625,500

The project requires the construction of approximately 4100 feet of shoreline protection at the Craney Island Dredged Material Management Area (CIDMMA), Portsmouth, Virginia. 

James River Foundation Repairs Project, Phase 2

Contract Value: $849,500

Phase 2 of this project consists of performing structural repairs to nine (9) structures – 214/29 though 214/37. There are a total of twelve (12) H-piles per structure. The steel H-piles for these structures have experienced severe corrosion and section loss in the vicinity of the pile-concrete cap interface.

Poplar Island Cell 4D Tidal Inlet

Contract Value: $716,875

The work to be performed provides for placement of approx. 12,500 tons of stone for protection of the inlet.


Ferry Ramp Rehabilitation - Hatteras Ferry Terminal

Contract Value: $1,517,490

Dare County, North Carolina

Duration: 10 Months

Project Manager(s): Alan McKinnon

The work to be performed provides for cleaning & painting of 3 existing ramps and lift bents, steel repairs, and mechanical & electrical system upgrades.


Pier IX North/Pier X South Dredging

Contract Value: $5,229,910

Newport News, VA

Duration: 4 Months

Project Manager(s): Brian Magee

This project involves the dredging of Pier 9 & 10 to 44 feet in depth.


Install Sediment Amendment

Contract Value: $653,964

Virginia Beach, VA

Duration: 4 Months

Project Manager(s): Brian Magee

This project involves the placement of approx. 80,000 SF of sediment amendment.

Newport River Barge Fleeting Area

Contract Value: $1,141,798

This project includes the demolition of existing marine structures and the installation of new coated 54" diameter by 100' long steel pipe monopile mooring/breasting dolphins with additional features (mooring posts, pipe pile fill, etc.)

Refit Wharf 1 Repairs

Contract Value: $10,525,934

The work to be performed provides for reinforced concrete repairs on piles, pile caps, bull rails and edge beams, installation of an impressed current cathodic protection system on reinforced concrete pile caps...


Mid-Town Tunnel Project, Temp. Trestles

Portsmouth, VA

Duration: 6 Months

Project Manager(s): Brian Magee

This project includes the complete fabrication and installation of two temporary work trestles for the building of the new Midtown Tunnel/Downtown Tunnel MLK Extension Project.


Contract Value: $853,450

Precon Marine, Inc. has been contracted by DAL Construction to complete this Coast Guard project in Delaware Bay, NJ. As such, will salvage, remove and dispose of the existing light structure and all debris from the structure, which was damaged in 2010.

OED Unit 2 & Unit 3

Contract Value: $16,628,000

Precon Marine has been contracted to fabricate and place the Large Organism Exclusion Devices (LOED) at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in California.

Oyster Restoration, Craney Island

Contract Value: $3,597,600

This project includes the creation of 16 acres of oyster reef habitat as environmental mitigation associated with the Craney Island Eastward Expansion construction project located in Hampton Roads (Norfolk Harbor and Vicinity), Virginia.


Marine Fuel Facilities 1910, 2013, 2019 & 2020 Rehabilitation

Andros Island, Bahamas

Duration: 6 Months
Project Manager(s): Matt Miller

This project includes various repairs to the fuel facilities on Andros Island.  Work includes repairs to the fender systems, mooring dolphins, concrete deck repairs, and spall repairs.

South Jetty Repair, Masonboro Inlet

Contract Value: $4,937,400

This project involves the repair of the Masonboro Inlet South Jetty which has settled and in need of repairs.  Work includes the addition of approximately 32,500 tons of armor stone in order to rebuild the armor stone will be transported via barge from Norfolk to Wilmington, Armor stone being placed will be average 20 ton each. Placement of the massive stone will be handled by the 1250 Komatsu materials handler and grapple attachment.

Twigg Bridge Rehab

Contract Value: $10,989,052

The two-lane bridge will have its deck, fenders and superstructure replaced and portions of the bridge substructure will be repaired.  The 2,092-foot-long bridge was completed in 1953 and carries an average of 7,245 vehicles a day, according to a VDOT traffic count. It has a 43-foot vertical clearance from the navigational channel and an 80-foot horizontal clearance.


Pile BSB-186C Repair

Contract Value: $250,000

Virginia Beach, VA
Duration: 3 Months
Project Manager(s): Matt Miller

This project involved repairing pile BSB-186C on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.  Below are before and after photos of the repairs.


Bridges No. 11, 154 and 169 Over US-64 and bridge No 104 on US-64 Over the Tar River

Contract Value: $2,095,046

Franklin, Edgecombe, Nash, NC
Duration: 120 Days
Project Manager(s): Brian Magee

This project involves repairs to 4 bridges in Franklin, Edgecombe, and Nash, NC.  Three of the bridges will be stripped of all lead based paint and repainted.  The four bridge involves repairs to the girders, new bearing pads, steel repairs as well as painting of the bridge.