Yorktown, VA
Contract Value: $5,902,600
Duration: 11 Months
Project Manager(s): Time Menzie

The project provides for structural repairs to Pier located at Cheatham Annex onboard Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, Virginia. The pier structure consists of timber braced square timber piles, reinforced concrete pile caps and a reinforced concrete deck with railroad beams. Repairs associated with this project include repairing concrete that has become delaminated, spalled and cracked resulting in corrosion to rebar steel with shotcrete, repairs to pile cap and timber piles, installing pile jackets, installing new cross bracing timbers and repairs to the fendering system. The project also consists of installing 52 pre-stress concrete batter piles through the concrete deck, installing new fender piles and foam filled fenders. Demolition of the existing fender system and of the concrete deck in way of the new batter piles is also included as a portion of this project.

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