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Position: Tug Boat Captain
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To serve as the commander of the vessel to which assigned, in charge of overall safe operations, maintenance, crew accountability and productivity.  Able to operate/ navigate any vessel in the Inland Marine Fleet efficiently and safely. 


·         Understand and comply with standard procedures and guidelines for the operation of a safe and environmentally sound vessel.

·         Adhere to and be an advocate and authority regarding protocols that deal with prevention of product/petroleum spills and what to do in case of an actual emergency.  Alert the Port Captain or Safety officer in the event of even a very minor spill and participate in any investigation to understand and have input in corrective actions. 

·         Conduct required safety drills including those for spills, man-overboard, fire and mayday.  Document in ship logbook and/or other appropriate log.

·         Deal with personal injuries by participating in a root cause investigation with the safety officer and Port Captain.  Institute a “best practice” for the particular activity that caused the injury.  Be a role model for safe behavior and planning safe activities.

·         Conduct inspections of your assigned vessel to ensure seaworthy condition and arrange for maintenance and repair activities to correct any deficiencies as seen by him/herself, the crew or a professional surveyor. 

·         Hold crew accountable for their adherence to maritime law, the policies of the company and their individual performance.




The Boat Captain will have to know basic firefighting skills and basic lifesaving and rescue techniques.  They should be familiar with the water and able to swim as well as these attributes:

·         Able to influence and motivate people to act.

·         Thrives in a fast paced environment

·         Exhibit good judgment in matters involving quality of performance.

·         Meets deadlines in an environment of interruptions

·         Able to work effectively with many different personality types.

·         Possess and demonstrate values of honesty, integrity, reliability and consistency.

·         Exhibit a strong work ethic.

·         Is inquisitive and has good problem solving skills.

·         Well organized.

·         Detail oriented and thorough.

·         Receptive to change.

·         Decisive.

·         An effective planner and continually uses foresight.

·         A good listener and communicator.

·         Demonstrate professionalism at all times.

·         Possess a positive attitude.

·         Able to confront issues and hold others accountable, but still treats them with dignity and respect.




The Boat Captain will need to possess the Maritime credentials provided by the U.S.Coast Guard including at least a 100Ton Masters licence and mate or master of towing and be in good physical condition.


Precon Marine is an equal opportunity employer.  Women, minorities and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply.

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